An Interactive Exploration of Employee Engagement

Our staff are the reason we are able to do the great work we do. Keeping them engaged, excited and enthusiastic about the work they do keeps our customers safe, happy and involved, and creates a culture and team people are proud to be a part of.  In this two-part series, International Engagement Specialist, Christopher Littlefield, will walk your leadership through an interactive exploration of employee engagement.

In Part One, Chris will share the latest findings from the world of employee engagement along with key lessons learned from his work with organizations around the globe. Participants will be guided through an interactive process with their peers to analyze their organization's People Strategy (or lack thereof!) and begin to identify key opportunities for enhancement.

In Part Two, attendees will dig into the employee experience (interview process, on-boarding, first 90 days, one-to-ones, yearly review, years of service, to retirement, etc.) and collectively share best practices.  Building on the collective wisdom of the group, Chris will share an abundance of tried and tested, no or low cost, easily implementable ideas and resources that leaders can take back and implement immediately.  Each participant will leave Session Two with a concrete action plan and resource pack, summarizing collective ideas generated by the group!

Whether an organization of ten or thousands, take the opportunity to step away from your never-ending to do list and make time to take care of you, and your biggest asset… your people.


Whether you are a young or seasoned executive, this is a MUST training.
— Executive Director, The Arc of Greater Pittsburgh
This workshop provided me with practical tools I can use that don´t require a ton of planning.
— Executive, The ARC Tennessee
This was so engaging and made this ‘heard it all’ lady really hear! Just great!
— CEO, STEP Inc.

Leaders will learn:

  • Leaders will analyze their organization's people strategy (or lack thereof!) and identify key opportunities for enhancement.
  • Leaders will learn how to adopt an “Employee Experience Mindset” and shift from putting out fires to addressing big picture culture problems.
  • Leaders will learn how to craft and implement a unique Employee Experience for your organization.
  • Leaders will leave with an abundance of tried and tested, no or low cost, ideas and resources to implement immediately.


1 & 2 Day Programs


Resources they’ll receive:

Engagment Clinic Page Behind the Organge.jpg


A compilation of all of the core distinctions and tools from the program in one simple packet.


All of the core distinctions and tools from the program printed on wallet-sized cards that can be taken out during team meetings and in one-on-ones for a quick refresher!

This is all about creating effective teams and organizations. In an industry where turnover is so great, this is an investment with easy returns - both financial and human capital.
— Executive Director The Arc of North Carolina
The Acknowledgment Works program provided the food for thought as well as the plan for action in ensuring my employees get acknowledged.
— Executive Director, The Arc of Benton