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Transform the way your people work together.

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Beyond Thank You
Have you ever wondered...

Why do managers avoid recognizing employees and giving honest feedback? Why can’t I take a compliment? When you begin to understand the hidden link between acknowledgment and conflict, you create enduring relationships that inspire employees to work harder, stay longer, and leave fulfilled every day.


Leadership Programs
People already have the tools they need...

Stop launching new programs, platforms, and initiatives. Give your leaders the confidence they need to have authentic, day-to-day conversations that drive results.


Keynotes & All-Staff Events
Interactive large group events that inspire.

Unforgettable, high-energy experiences that will resonate with attendees from any background; both personally and professionally.


Our Vision

Transform the global conversation around giving and receiving recognition. 
Bring the authenticity back to Acknowledgment, Recognition, & Praise.


Our Mission

Provide programs that develop awareness, support authentic communication,
and make a tangible difference in people’s lives at work and at home.


Our Impact

Over the last three years, we have worked with more than 5,000 managers and employees from around the world to rethink their relationship to giving and receiving recognition, and transform the conversation in their workplace to one where people feel fully valued and appreciated every day. From Lebanese postal workers delivering mail on the edge of the Syrian Conflict, to oil refinery workers battling the heat of Oman, to mental health workers providing support to families in need in Los Angeles; everyone needs to know and understand that what they do each day matters.