Being Resilient
for People Leaders

Do you find yourself in a constant state of stress? Do you feel burned out and no matter how much you sleep you still wake exhausted? Do you find that no matter how much you accomplish you still tend to only focus on the things you didn’t do? Come learn practical strategies to help you better manage stress and keep you at your best!

Leaders will learn:

  • Learn how a common everyday misconception in perception inadvertently drives us to burnout and how to change that on the spot.
  • Learn and experience first-hand four proven strategies that trigger our parasympathetic nervous system, helping to better take care of ourselves and others.
  • Better understand your personal stress and recovery process and how to identify early warning signs and improve how you manage stress.
  • Identify your personal success equation, which you can use as a compass to keep them on track and personally engaged in the future.


Thank you so much! I loved every second of this opportunity. I felt myself
on the verge of tears many times in class because of the great points being made, the insight, the rawness. It made me think about my role, my purpose,
and how I contribute. The best program ever!
— Nurse Manager, Maine Health System
Great - perfect nurse gift!
— Nurse Manager, Maine Health System
Great program that reminds us that we are in control of many of our
circumstances. We can choose to make an other choice if we are not happy
with where we are presently. This was both Engaging & Real!
— CNO, Maine Health

Resources they’ll receive:



A compilation of activities, core distinctions, and tools from the program in one
simple packet that you can use time and time again after the program.


All of the core lessons and tools from the program printed on wallet-sized cards that can be taken out during challenging times quick refresher!