Create a Culture of Appreciation in Your Organization

If recognition is supposed to be positive, why do we often get embarrassed or self-conscious when being praised by others? Why, when being recognized, do we often questions others’ intentions (What do they really want from me?).  Why is it when people praise us, we often tend to focus on the things we didn’t do, leaving us feeling like what we do is never enough?

Explore these questions and more in an interactive and often hilarious look at a hidden side of recognition. See how common—yet easily avoidable—practices and misconceptions around the recognition process often unintentionally sabotage engagement efforts, break down communication, and lead us to burnout.  Give your managers concrete tools that make authentic recognition easy and comfortable.

Honestly the best management workshop I have attended.
— Manager, Fidelity Investments
This workshop should be required for all managers!
— Manager, The United Nations
Super presentation. Alive, energized, enthusiastic, real!
— Manager, Panera Bread

Leaders will learn:

  • Leaders will discover the practical knowledge and tools to keep themselves present, laser-focused, and engaged every day.
  • Leaders will learn to avoid the four most common misuses of recognition that build distrust in an organization, break down relationships, and cause turnover.
  • Leaders will learn the key ingredients for engaging employees, assessing performance, and effective follow-up techniques that transform difficult relationships.
  • Leaders will discover the overlooked link between acknowledgment and conflict and learn how to use acknowledgment to enhance positive work relationships and transform difficult ones.


Half-Day, Full-day


Resources they’ll receive:



A compilation of all of the core distinctions and tools from the program in one simple packet.


A checklist of key elements proven to engage employees, and a list of questions for managers to self-assess their own work and plan actions for how to improve.


All of the core distinctions and tools from the program printed on wallet-sized cards that can be taken out during team meetings and in one-on-ones for a quick refresher!

Thank you! A breath of fresh air for morale!
— Senior Manager, Maine Health
I think you just saved my marriage, Thank you!
— Employee, UNICEF
The best staff engagement/employee recognition seminar that I have ever attended!
— CNO, Maine Health System